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Mumbai: Andheri housing complex saves 80,000 litres of water everyday


Mumbai: The Vijay Nagar housing society in Andheri has set a benchmark for other residential complexes of Mumbai and for the civic body. It is making proper use of sewage water by treating that again and reusing it in toilets and for the society garden.

The housing society which is home for 500 families saves 80,000 litres of water everyday which the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), though having a huge budget, has failed to manage.

Mahesh Anthalye, a resident and the man behind the waste management initiative in Vijay Nagar society, said, “The sewage water which gets collected from this building is recycled. Therefore, we never face a water crises unlike other building residents who usually face the severe water crunch especially in the summer, as we use recycled water.”

“In the year 2010 the building went for redevelopment wherein the developer as part of infrastructure constructed two sewerage treatment plants in the society area and from these tanks the water is treated and further processed,” Anthlaye said.

“The operating staff monitor the process while the plant requires 24X7 electromechanical operation and a pump to provide recycled water to the residents. The plant construction is costly, but if any building is going for development work and has a huge number of flats must provide such a facility as it is mandatory for the developer to do so,” he said.

The Vijay Nagar housing society not only saves 80,000 litres of water by recycling but also segregates dry and wet waste and creates manure out of it. The society produces around 500 kg of manure each month which is used for the society garden, which has 170 tall trees today.