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Mumbai: Heat takes its toll on birds


Mumbai: The scorching heat is not only taking a toll on humans but also the birds in the city. The increasing temperature which has been above 35 degree Celsius since the past few weeks seems to have affected the birds the most.

According to Colonel (Dr) JC Khanna, secretary of the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals, in the last three months more than 1000 birds in the city alone are affected due to the scorching heat.

In January alone, 286 cases of various types of birds adversely affected by the heat were recorded by Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals in Parel and the number rose to 330 in February and 363 in March this year. Till April 19, 99 heat-affected birds were treated at the veterinary hospital.

Colonel (Dr) J C Khanna said that there is rise in admission of birds due to heat-related problems especially dehydration, “Every day, we get around ten birds affected with the heat-related problems, most of them are pigeons and kites. The sudden rise in temperature is causing dehydration and heat stroke in birds,” added Dr Khanna.

While humans can reduce their body temperature with perspiration, animals become overheated easily due to lack of water and shelter. Dr Khanna said that the birds are used to air-conditioned surroundings and get affected by the variation in the temperature outside the cool confines of homes, “If the birds are not treated properly, issues related to dehydration, stomach ailments and fever can turn fatal for them,” said Khanna.

Dr Khanna further stated that they are treated with the glucose so that they recover fast and most dehydrated animals and birds recover after a week’s treatment at the animal hospital.

The animal rescuers are using various social media platforms to inform residents and people to keep a bowl of water for birds and strays as that’s the only way to keep them hydrated in this heat.