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  • Why it is important to stop brooding

    DR SHRIRANG BAKHLE tells us how to stop thinking repeatedly about a negative incident, and move on in life

  • How going digital has changed the Indian healthcare system

    Digital transformation in Indian healthcare system is acquiring significant space due to easy accessibility, efficiency and affordability to tackle the treatment mayhem faced by patients, reports TAPAPRIYA LAHIRI

  • Birthday Special: Why William Shakespeare remains relevant

    April 23 commemorates William Shakespeare’s birth and death anniversary. This year’s anniversary, Preeja Aravind looks at what makes Shakespeare such a beloved to Indians as an audience, as well as screen writers. Is it the drama or the language?

  • Vijay Mallya

    Vijay Mallya and his love of ‘wives’: 3 women you should know about!

    There was a time when Vijay Mallya was the ‘King of good times’, he was the living avatar of the adage ‘Work hard, party harder’. But the cruel twist of fate in his life has converted him to the ‘Monarch of loan defaulters’. And that brought him a non-bailable warrant in the Rs 720-crore IDBI bank loan default case. Mallya’s airlines owes about Rs 9,000 crore to various banks and this was the reason

  • Why ego is an impediment to happiness

    Living in the present moment is the genuine expression of joy and happiness and this is nothing but achieving enlightenment, writes Ravi Valluri

  • What is transformation?

    The literal meaning of transformation is change. But it is not as simple as changing a house or a car. It is an internal process. It is also very different from reformation. In reformation there is a chance of going back to the earlier state. Transformation is permanent and irreversible. As a child we all play with toys, but when we grow up, we outgrow that stage permanently. This is transformation.

  • Udham Singh

    Remembering Udham Singh: The avenger of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

    Millions of people have sacrificed their lives to make India what it is today. Unfortunately, there are few names that are rarely mentioned. One such name is ‘Udham Singh’, the person who played an important role in the Indian freedom struggle. The man, who avenged the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre by assassinating Michael O’Dwyer, not to be confused with Brigadier General Reginald Dyer.

  • Hanuman alive

    Lord Hanuman is still alive? Mythology decodes it!

    We all have grown up hearing tales of Hanuman’s innocence, bravery, compassion, strength and bravery. But one thing that always surprised us the most is the belief ‘Lord Hanuman is still alive’! Some devotees claim that the tales of Lord Rama and Krishna’s departure from the earth are popular, but had anyone heard about Lord Hanuman’s death?

  • Morarji Desai

    Morarji Desai: The former Indian Prime Minister who practiced Urine therapy

    Morarji Desai, independence activist and former Indian Prime Minister led India’s first non-Congress Government. Prior to being India’s Prime Minister, he held many important posts in the ministry including Home Minister, Deputy Prime Minister of India and Finance Minister. On the international front, Desai maintained a peaceful relationship with neighbouring countries including China and Pakistan. He was felicitated with Pakistan’s highest civilian award Nishan-e-Pakistan. Besides all these responsibilities and achievements, Desai was also a