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  • Have setbacks mellowed down Raj Thackeray?

    There is a whiff of fresh air in the management of the Raj Thackeray-led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena if recent reports of freer expression by MNS leaders is any guide. That Raj is tolerant of at least limited dissent is a good sign which he and the party must build upon. Some leaders of the party have given vent to their feelings in the wake of the party’s abject performance in the recently-held municipal elections.

  • Kashmir has to be put back on rails

    The alliance between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir has doubtlessly run into rough weather in the wake of the continuing spate of violence in the Kashmir valley. While the Mehbooba Mufti government has failed to contain the open hostility of agitators in which anti-India elements both from across the border and from within are interspersed, politically the two parties are increasingly drifting apart. What has added fuel

  • The bee in Army’s bonnet

    There is this great Indian rope trick known only to a select few in the Indian Army. Let me clarify at the outset that this is no ordinary rope as it has a life of its own. No incantations and commands are needed and it can coil around a ‘volunteer’ on its own, with the finesse of a slithering snake, pinning him down and binding him to any object, say, the bonnet of a

  • Time for US to heed the IMF

    Rising inequality and stagnating living standards both in advanced and what are called D&E (developing and emerging) economies have been a cause for concern in recent times in the light of the lost decade of the global financial crisis, slowing growth and subdued productivity. Some of these economic ills have been at the root of widespread public discontent and electoral upheavals like the vote for ‘Brexit’ and the election of Donald Trump as the

  • Devendra Fadnavis: BJP’s victory machine

    Nothing succeeds like success, it is said. In the same tune, nothing continues to fail like failure. All this seems true if the success of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in elections at various levels in the recent years are any indication. Ever since Fadnavis came to fore as the leader of the BJP in Maharashtra four years ago, nothing seems to be going wrong for the party.

  • Poll reverses review, Congress style

    The Congress stocktaking on the U P Assembly elections has predictably not dwelt on the poor leadership provided by the party high command, steeped as the party is in a culture of sycophancy and lack of honest fixing of accountability. It is considered sacrilegious to question Sonia Gandhi or son Rahul for their sins of omission and commission and that tradition has been followed in toto. Much of the blame in the

  • Nawaz Sharif not out of the woods on graft

    Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political future hangs in the balance with the country’s Supreme Court giving a split verdict in favour of him on corruption allegations against his family members but at the same time directing the government to set up a joint investigation team (JIT) to probe the allegations. The JIT will have 60 days to revert with the finding whether the Prime Minister is guilty or not. Opposition parties,

  • liquor

    Social consensus is necessary for prohibition

    Bihar has recently prohibited the sale of alcohol. Alcohol is basically harmful to people’s health. It subdues the mind. Thus, it is said that an inebriated person does not tell a lie. He does not have control on his mind to be able to tell a lie. The thoughts in his heart come out spontaneously. However, the same lack of control leads to traffic accidents, domestic violence and the like. Hinduism, Christianity

  • Rohingyas a personal challenge for Suu Kyi

    India had good reason to try and block the United Nations human rights council from sending a mission to Myanmar to examine the Rohingya situation against the wishes of the State Counsellor and leader of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi. Perhaps the reasons were as much personal as political for

  • Snap poll expected to strengthen Theresa May

    Every time there is a comparison drawn between British Prime Minister Theresa May and a former woman premier ‘Iron lady’ Margaret Thatcher it ends up in the argument that the former is an unelected incumbent while Thatcher had been through the rough and tumble of elections and competitive politics. By announcing a snap poll for June 8, Theresa May will, among other things, get over that handicap if she wins, as is widely expected.

  • Vijay-Mallya

    Mallya’s arrest in UK makes him vulnerable

    True to its promise, the determination and persistent approach of the Modi government in the Vijay Mallya case, both diplomatically and legally, has paid off if one goes by the arrest of the tycoon by Scotland Yard in London. Though Mallya was released on bail in three hours, the core of his arguments against banks and investigators in India which has been that he hadn’t borrowed the money that is owed to banks by

  • Congress must change its 132-year-old script

    FOR the Congress, it is the same old story of paralysis. Its leadership continues to wallow in indecision and confusion. Even the 2014 shocker has not served as a wake-up call. The string of electoral drubbings notwithstanding, it is still business as usual. The party has already wasted precious three years betraying little remorse.