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  • Decoding the right time to invest in IPOs

    Positive sentiment and strong market are the harbingers of an IPO rush, and companies too tap the IPO market to get the true potential value for their shares. However, investors have to be wary of companies they choose to invest in, advises A. L. I. Chougule

  • Investment planning for women

    Shalini Dhawan lists areas which first time investors can consider

  • How to navigate market volatility

    Fear and greed are part of the exuberance and remorse cycles. It is in the nature of market to get caught in cycles of volatility, sustained rise, deep correction and consolidation. Don’t get affected by short term technical levels. Instead, focus on fundamentals and your objective to build a strong portfolio, advises A. L. I. Chougule

  • The difference between being rich and being wealthy

    Wealth is not about how much money you make, but how much you keep. The problem with money is that if it is not managed intelligently, it can go as quickly as it comes. No matter how much money you make, without financial intelligence it can land you in financial mess, writes A L I Chougule

  • Investing for the New Year 2017

    Successful investment requires clear thinking, consistent action and sufficient patience. If we make those ours, 2017 can definitely yield a rich harvest, writes Tensing Rodrigues

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     Every year is a new year, and holds a promise of something new; however as the world sails through a rough patch, it is easy to lose hope. US has just passed an

  • Investment options after demonetisation

    With the digital cash push that the Government of India is suggesting to all citizens, it may be a prudent idea for investors to look ways of saving digitally just as they are looking at ways of spending digitally, writes Shalini Dhawan

  • Five reasons to avail Group Health Insurance for your organization

    Do you think your employees are like your family? Are they important for the growth of your organization? Do you expect them to work efficiently and give their best to your organization? If yes, then you need to think, what do you give them in return?

  • The art of creating wealth from equity market

    Creating wealth from stock market requires broader understanding of market fundamentals and individual businesses as well as hunting for opportunities which have multi-year growth prospects. No matter where the headline index goes, when you invest in quality stocks it means buying a piece of business with conviction, says A L I Chougule 

  • What’s your real rate of interest?

    Shalini Dhawan explains the impact of recent demonetisation on investors who depend on FDs and other fixed income products for their monthly income and investments

  • Loving Ourselves

    In creating healthy, loving relationships with others, we need to come to terms with any part of ourselves that we feel uncomfortable with. We may have parts of ourselves that we have disowned, denied, or stuck away in some obscure corner of our psyche because we can’t stand to hang out with the uneasy feelings they generate.