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  • There’s a lot you can do with eggs

    Eggs are for all seasons. Sapna Sarfare finds ways to prepare offbeat egg dishes for any time of the year

  • This summer, savour food with a tasteful twist

    Summer becomes more fun with some special fruits, veggies and dishes. Sapna Sarfare finds out a way to make the ordinary, extraordinary with a dash of lip-smacking makeover

  • Home grown food enterprise takes the cue!

    Home-based small food business is gaining a large consumer base, thanks to the niche products and clients they cater to. Poorva Tamhane delves into the strategy behind such successful enterprises

    The public appetite for good and honest has been a long time coming in India. People today travel far and wide which has brought them in contact with cuisine that they would like to sample and taste even when they’re back home. And

  • Barbeque Nation_Skewers Festival 1

    Explore the thrill of grill at Barbeque Nation’s Skewers festival

    Do you have a never ending appetite? And this bothers your pocket? Are you always on a constant hunt to on economical options that would satiate your taste-buds and pocket alike? Well, we have a good news for you! Waste no time and head to your nearest Barbeque Nation’s outlet and enjoy their ‘Skewers festival’.

  • Tips and tricks for the healthy breakfast

    We may be accustomed to start our day with oil-rich and spicy delicacies, but Boshika Gupta outlines the drawbacks which come with the deep fried breakfasts

  • Sweet potato chips

    Vrat Food: What you can eat while fasting this Maha Shivratri, recipe list

    Maha Shivratri marks the celebration of ‘overcoming darkness and ignorance’ in life and the world. The day is observed by chanting hymns, prayers, meditation, visiting Lord Shiva temples and fasting. And if you are fasting then you have to abstain from food made with rice, wheat, dal or pulses. Hence, food with specific ingredients that are allowed during the fast are prepared and consumed. Here are few recipes devotees can enjoy. There are also