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  • As Indians, our roots lie in classical music

    Writer, musician, student, sports enthusiast and businessman- in-making… Harsh Meswani awes Boski Gupta with his honest and sincere responses

  • The transformation of Calcutta to Kolkata, via art

    From the treasures of East, Shuvaprasanna’s work depicts all he has witnessed from the transformation of Calcutta to Kolkata. As he states, ‘There isn’t another city like Kolkata anywhere in the world.’

  • ‘We will develop Indore as a smart city, restore past glory’, says Rohan Saxena

    Indore: Indore Smart City project would be executed with area based development together with pan-city initiatives. We would develop the city adding state of art public amenities and restoring the glory of Rajwada, Krishnapura Chhatries and Chhatribagh besides developing a heritage walk area there. Under the project, there would be IT enabled smart solution to requirements of citizen of Indore.

  • Christ to clowns, Milburn is magic!

    Milburn Cherian is having a solo show after 16-years. She is a bit reticent about meeting up. She is just naturally shy, she says. A little persuasion, mention of some common friends, and she hesitantly agrees to meet. The 1984 National Institute of Design graduate is surrounded by more than 50 of her beautiful works as we catch up at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. I am fascinated by her mind-blowing

  • Chef Kiran Jethwa shares his love and spirit for travelling

    Celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa shares with Boski Gupta his experiences in the kitchen, outdoor cooking, love for experiments and more…

    Kiran Jethwa is unlike most of us. While we would readily give an arm to stay away from the kitchen for life, Jethwa’s life revolves around kitchen. This Indian-origin celebrity chef knows all the hacks and tricks one needs to be on top of the game. Despite an owner of Seven Seafood &

  • Prabhakar Kolte: Hussain was a better businessman than a painter

    I am, one early Saturday morning, at the Borivali apartment of the legendary Prabhakar Kolte. Known in art circles as ‘The Paul Klee of India’, the 70-something Kolte looks much younger than his years, despite his recent ill-health. He welcomes me with a broad smile and much warmth. The apartment is large, but spartan. However it has a well-lived air about it. This is both his studio and his home. Kolte ‘sir’

  • How to handle a child with special needs or Fragile X syndrome

    Having a child with special needs or Fragile X syndrome is overwhelming in itself and dealing with the social taboos and ignorance surrounding disability makes it worse. Unconditional love, acceptance and the right direction can make a world of a difference, finds out Vibha Singh

  • To prevent child sex abuse, paedophilia needs to recognised as mental disorder

    Dr. Klaus M Beier is a full professor at the Charité, the University Hospital of Berlin, which is the biggest University Clinic of Europe. As the director of the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine he is in charge of the Outpatient Clinic of the Institute which offers assessment and treatment for the full range of sexual disorders and gender dysphoria. In 2005 he initiated the “Prevention Project Dunkelfeld” (at the beginning

  • Meera Sanyal: Wearer of many hats

    Trust Meera Sanyal to take up the cudgel for every cause which will help the mankind in general and Mumbaikar in particular. She’s no doubt one of the most loved public figures of the city, says Ronak Mastakar.