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  • Arunachal has many reasons to mesmerise you

    UDAY K CHAKRABORTY is mesmerised with the hypnotic mountainous roads and scenic surroundings of the hilly Indian state

  • Meet the couple who travelled from Mumbai to London, by road

    Louis, 62, and Janet Dsouza, 56, completed their lifetime trip starting off from Mumbai going all the way to London in their BMW X5, covering as many as 40 countries on the way. Vibha Singh gets an insight from them about planning the World trip and handling the nuances…

  • Nairobi in a day!

    Roxanne Bamboat shows you how to explore the capital city of Kenya in 24 hours and yet have the most of it

    Often looked at as the gateway to Kenya, Nairobi tends to be ignored by most travellers as the excitement with visiting Kenya is generally reserved for the National Parks, Maasai Mara or even its spectacular coast. Sadly the capital city doesn’t get much love from travelers, which is terrible because Nairobi

  • Get mesmerised by the allure of Andorra

    Uday K Chakraborty explores a tiny nation tucked between the peaks of Pyrenees, a mountain range that forms a natural border between France and Spain

  • In Hollywood land…

    Rubina Khan visited Hollywood Hills, a place which was once home to the royalty of western cinema

  • Travelling solo: The new unapologetic woman traveller

    Travelling in a group is fun, but Poorva Tamhane explains why travelling solo doubles the sense of excitement and adventure as women experience life uninhibited

  • Explore the beauty of Kerala

    Anand & Madhura Katti are enamoured by the picture perfect scenery and serene backwaters of Kumarakom