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  • Creating online market for surplus textile is an online B2B marketplace for surplus textile stocks of different types, with more than a thousand sellers onboard. With more than 1,400 transactions (direct and auction) in a year’s time, XSTOK set a target of facilitating sales of over USD1 billion by 2020. The founder of XSTOK, Sanjiv Khandelwal, shares his journey.

  • Explore the less explored in digital

    Is it a robot or is it a machine? It’s a chatbot. Jescilia Karayamparambil delves into the expanding technology most preferred by the banking sector, but ready to take over other industries

  • Entering the taboo zone

    Online and offline medical healthcare institution Juno Clinic is trying to explore the untapped, or say tabooed, space in India- mental health care. Juno, founded by Dr. Vishal Sawant, Anuraag Srivastava, Arun Kumar and Davesh Manocha, started its journey in 2016. Two of its founders—Sawant and Manocha— share their journey with FPJ.

  • Stay lean to grow: Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer at Craftsvilla

    With a simple motive to take people back to their roots and help them connect to their culture, the founders of Craftsvilla started a journey in 2011. Since its inception, the company strove to stick to its vision as they embraced growth. Former Amazon executive who is now chief business officer at Craftsvilla, Manish Kalra, talks about the exciting journey leading up to one of the most successful ethnic marketplaces.

  • Content Marketing Summit Asia 2016 made its Mumbai debut

     (L to R) Optimystix Entertainment’s Sanjeev Sharma; The 120 Media Collective’s Roopak Saluja; i420 Digital Media’s  Abhimanyu R; Havas Worldwide’s Nirmalya Sen;  and GroupM’s Tushar Vyas.

  • Motorola ZDroid – When Tech has got your back!

    Ever heard of a smartphone that can customise not only its appearance but also its features as per your liking? Does something like this even exist? The techies at Motorola Mobility (a division of Lenovo) would love to answer it with a proud YES!

  • Hopscotch: A play on affordability and quality

    Rahul Anand’s child-centric venture offers international quality at Indian prices.  The company has carved out a strong niche for itself in children’s product segment, despite some initial hiccups. A conversation with Rahul Anand – Hopscotch’s founder and CEO

  • flipkart

    Retail Growth Online or Offline?

    The Retailers’ Association of India (RAI) organized its annual Retail Leadership Summit in Mumbai last week. Presented below are some takeaways in key areas of discussion and oration by a wide spectrum of industry players. Pankaj Joshi reports.

  • Gionee ELife E8: The innovators of the Chinese Premium category, now jump the online bandwagon!

    I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “different strokes for different folks”. Motorola was the pioneer the online only sales approach for its first generation of E, G and X series Android phones. The online only approach was then adopted by XiaoMi, OnePlus, Meizu and ZTE, with great effect. Now Gionee, the pioneers of the Chinese Premium segment in India, have launched the latest iteration of their bestselling Elife series with an